3 Natural Sprays For Removing Mold From Wood Floors

Mold creeps up in various places throughout your home because of excess moisture. If you live in a humid or rainy climate, then you might always struggle with mold on your wood flooring. This happens when the flooring is not laid airtight. In a humid or rainy environment, moisture is allowed to seep in and begins to produce mold. Left untreated, mold can be toxic to your air. While there are many commercial chemicals designed to get the job done, there are natural solutions that are as effective and much safer to use. Read More 

Renovating Your Home? Why You Need A Structural Engineer

If you're planning on a making a significant renovation to your home, it's very important for you to consult with a structural engineer.  A structural engineer is a licensed professional who has the ability to assess the changes that you are planning to make to ensure that they will result in a structurally sound product.  Use this information to learn more about why you need the expertise of one of these professionals when you're renovating your home. Read More 

Three Major Dangers Of Water Damage

Allowing water damage to go unchecked in your building opens the door to a host of structural and health issues. Because of this, you should be certain to call in a water damage restoration contractor as soon as you can, once you realize that you are dealing with a water damage issue. Realizing the danger of this water damage will give you the push you need to seek water damage restoration. Read More 

Remodeling Your Modern Home? Unique Hand Railing Options That Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

If you are remodeling your modern style home and struggling with the decision of which hand railing you should choose for your interior staircase, then you have come to the right place!  There is a wide variety of different options for hand railings that will match your modern architecture. Some options will create a new focal point in your home, and others are very understated and allow your stairway to blend into its surroundings like it isn't even there. Read More 

The Ultimate Guide To Mold Management In Bathrooms

Mold is not something that can be easily escaped. It doesn't take much for mold to begin to grow, and once you have it, it's nearly impossible to get rid of. If you have been battling mold in your bathroom with no end in sight, consider these helpful tips and tricks. By following this guide to mold management in bathrooms, you can eradicate the mold that has made its way into your life and keep it from coming back! Read More