Water In Your Basement? Ways To Curb Moisture And Mold

Don't overlook a damp basement; this could be a sign of something far worse- mold. If you live near the water or in an inherently damp climate, it is worth the investment to do something to protect your house against water damage and subsequent mold. Mold is much worse than the off-putting smell; mold can compromise the structural integrity of your house and even make those living there quite ill. Read More 

Tips For Handling Mold In Your Home

Mold can be a pretty serious problem, but most people don't understand how mold works, where it comes from, or how to efficiently get rid of it. To help make sure that you are prepared for any mold-related problems now and in the future, here are some tips to keep in mind: How can you find and identify mold in your home? It can be difficult to tell the difference between types of mold, especially if you have had problems with food-related mold in the past. Read More 

Four Tips To Help You Save Expensive Electronics After A Flood

If your home has recently been flooded, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. You will probably be dealing with insurance and getting belongings together. The problem is that insurance may not pay for all the damage, and you may have expensive electronics that need to be saved. Here are some tips to help you save your electronics after a flood, before it is too late: Read More 

Four Areas Where Mold May Be Hiding In Your Home And What To Do About It

Moisture can be a big problem in your home, which can cause structural damage and even mold growth. If mold is growing, it has to be dealt with by a mold removal specialist to ensure your home is safe. Your home does not have to be in a storm or flooded to have mold growth. In fact, there are many areas of homes where mold is commonly found and has to be removed. Read More 

How To Remove Tile Floors

If you want to remove your tile floor, you have a lot of physical labor ahead of you. The demolition work on a tile floor is very exhausting, but the good thing is that it does not require any special tools. Most interior tiles can be removed from your floor without a jackhammer. In fact, never use a jackhammer if you are removing the tile from a wood subfloor. Here's how to safely remove your tile floors. Read More