Tips To Help Your Home’s Foundation And Basement Remain Damage-Free And In Good Repair

Your home is your protection and fortress from the outside environment and weather, which you need to protect with a strong and durable foundation. A main cause of damage from the weather and environment is due to moisture from rainfall and snowmelt. Here are some ways you can keep your home basement protected from moisture intrusion and the foundation in good repair.

Manage Exterior Water Flow

The best way to keep your basement free of moisture is to prevent it from entering your foundation. The foundation is made up of a concrete wall set upon a concrete slab, and if the soil directly next to the outside of your foundation becomes too saturated, it will seep into the foundation through any crack or seam in the concrete. 

Build up the soil around your home's exterior foundation by adding extra soil and sloping it down and away from the home. If you have any bedding plants around your home foundation, add in mulch or decorative rock as a ground cover to further help keep the moisture from over-saturating the soil. Also, make sure your home's downspouts deliver water several yards away from your home and make sure the roof gutters are free of leaks and do not sag and cause water to pool improperly on the soil below.

Complete Foundation Repair

Another important way to keep your home protected is to inspect your home foundation and basement walls, then apply any necessary repairs. Take a look at the interior of your home's basement walls if they are unfinished, or you can look at the outside of the walls. Look for any cracking or shifting to the surface. The outside surface of the foundation walls may contain small cracks, but if they extend down the entire wall or if the crack shows signs of both sides shifting, it can indicate a more serious foundation problem.

Talk to a foundation profession and get an inspection. Expanding and shifting soil around the foundation of your home can lead to serious problems with the foundation that will need remediation to prevent excessive damage to your home.

Manage Interior Waterproofing

You can also apply interior waterproofing to your foundation to keep out soil moisture that may be from a high water table, overflow from a nearby river or lake, or from excessive moisture in the soil from recent storms. An interior sump pump and French drain system are both great options to keep your basement dry, especially if you have made sure your home foundation walls are free of damage.