How To Handle A Sump Pump That Fails And Causes A Flood

When you have a sump pump in your basement, you rely on it to keep the space dry when it rains. If the pump fails, your basement could flood, and that could cause damage to your furnace, hot water heater, and all your belongings. If there are problems with your sump pump, you may not even know it until a prolonged rain event, and by then it could be too late. Your first indication of trouble could be a growing wet spot on the basement floor. Here are steps for dealing with a failed sump pump.

Call An Emergency Plumber

The first step is to get the sump pump operational as fast as possible. Unless the basement is already flooded, your first call should be to an emergency plumber so the situation can be fixed right away. It may be possible to repair the pump, and if not, you may need to replace it. If you're going to replace your pump, then consider buying one with a battery backup or buy two sump pumps, so you'll always have a spare that kicks on when the other one malfunctions. 

Call A Water Damage Restoration Service

Next, depending on how much water is in your basement and whether you have a finished basement or not, you'll want to call in a water damage restoration professional. If there is standing water in the basement, the service can hook up pumps to cycle the water out until the rain stops. Once it's stopped raining and the water is pumped out, you may need to have restoration work done. If you have a finished basement with flooring, drywall, and furniture, you might need a lot of help getting everything dry before mold starts.

Getting hidden water out of the space and drying it thoroughly is important so rot and mold won't become a problem in the future. This could involve using commercial drying machines and setting up a dehumidifier. If your basement is mostly empty space with concrete floors and walls, then the restoration won't be as complex or as costly. You'll still want to dry the space so musty odors don't develop that affect the rest of your house.

Quick action is important when your basement is flooded. If the problem happens while you're away, the cleanup and restoration will probably be more involved since the longer the space stays wet and damp, the worse the damage. You might return home to a basement floor covered in water and mold growing on the walls. This unfortunate situation can be overwhelming, but a water damage restoration professional will help in getting your home back to normal.