Home Hit By A Flood? 4 Significant Damages You Face When You Delay The Cleanup

If your home has suffered severe flooding, you can't afford to hold off on the repairs. The longer you wait to remove the water, the more damage your home will suffer. Unfortunately, extensive damage can lead to the total destruction of your home. To save your home after a flood, you need to start the clean up and damage restoration as soon as it's safe to get back inside. Here are four significant damages you risk when you delay cleanup after a flood.

Foundation Damage

If you have standing water in your home, it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Standing water can seep into the soil and under the foundation, causing the the concrete to become saturated with moisture. When this happens, the foundation will lift, separate and collapse throughout the house. Not only that, but if your house isn't properly secured to the concrete, the entire structure can lift off and pull away from the foundation. The best way to avoid this type of damage is to have the water removed from your home as soon as possible after a flood.

Electrical Shorts

If your home has been under more than a few inches of water, there's a strong chance that your electrical system has been exposed. Unfortunately, the longer the water remains in your home, the more extensive the damage will be to your electrical system. As soon as you can, have the water pumped from your home. Once the water has been removed, you'll need to have your water damage restoration team inspect your electrical system for damage.

Mold Growth

If you delay the removal of water from your home for too long, you could end up with a significant mold problem. Unfortunately, mold isn't something that you can remove easily, especially once it's taken over the house. Once your home has remained wet, or even moist, for more than a day or two, mold spores will begin to grow, especially if the temperatures are warm. One of the best ways to prevent mold from destroying your home after a flood is to remove the water as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Wood Rot

If your home remains under water for too long, the wood frame will begin to rot. Unfortunately, once your frame begins to rot, the entire structural integrity of your home will be compromised. If that happens, you may need to have your home rebuilt from the frame out. You can prevent the wood rot and maintain the structural integrity of your home by beginning the water cleanup immediately.

For more information, reach out to home water damage restoration services.