Tips For Finding The Perfect Mattress

Are you having trouble finding the perfect bed mattress? You need a mattress that's both comfortable and supportive. However, the type of comfort and support you need varies depending on things, such as your body weight and the way you sleep. So, before you visit your nearest mattress retailer, check out these tips to determine what type of mattress is perfect for you.

Back Sleepers

When you sleep on your back, you need a mattress that provides you with plenty of lower-back support. Otherwise, you'll wake up with an aching back every morning. You should steer clear of firm mattresses altogether. They don't provide the type of support needed for your spine. Also, mattresses that are too soft won't support your body the right way. So, you need to find a mattress that's in between firm and soft, but finding one with just the right amount of firmness depends on your weight. If you have a heavier build, look for a medium-firm mattress to keep you body weight balanced throughout the night. If you're a smaller person, you can choose a mattress that's a bit on the softer side, such as a medium-firm mattress with a pillow top.

Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomachs often suffer from lower back pain because their spine isn't aligned properly while they sleep. To keep your back from hurting, you need to purchase a mattress that can support your body weight properly. You should be able to lay flat on your mattress without sinking down into it -- the flatter you lay, the straighter your spine sits. So, if you're a stomach sleeper, skip the plush mattresses completely. Instead, opt for a firm or extra-firm mattress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a mattress that cradles their body properly. If you sleep on your side, a memory foam mattress is a great option. Your body will sink into the mattress while you sleep, providing you with the total-body support that you need. When you're shopping for mattresses, look for memory foam mattresses that are designed to support your hips, spine, and shoulders so that your body pressure is evenly distributed throughout the night.

Other Considerations

Sleeping with a partner can make it even more difficult to choose the perfect mattress. After all, you need to find a mattress that fits both of your needs. If you both sleep on your back or side, and there isn't a drastic weight difference between you, finding a mattress shouldn't be too difficult. However, if there is more than 150 pounds difference between you and your partner or one of you is a stomach sleeper, an adjustable air mattress might be a good option. This way, you can adjust your side of the bed so that it's firmer or softer as needed.

If you sleep an average of eight hours per day, you spend one-third of your day in bed. So, finding a good mattress is extremely important. Take the time to find a mattress that provides you with the proper type of support so that you can wake up each morning feeling refreshed. Try a company like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance.