Four Tips To Help You Save Expensive Electronics After A Flood

If your home has recently been flooded, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. You will probably be dealing with insurance and getting belongings together. The problem is that insurance may not pay for all the damage, and you may have expensive electronics that need to be saved. Here are some tips to help you save your electronics after a flood, before it is too late:

1. Turning The Power Off And Taking Electronics To High-Ground

The first thing you want to do with electronics when flooding occurs is turn the power off. Once it is safe to go into a flooded area, remove the electronics. You can move them to a higher point in your home or take them to a safer location that is high-and-dry. The sooner you get them out of the water, the better your chances are of being able to successfully restore them.

2. Removing Batteries And Power Sources From Devices To Prevent Short Circuits

Once you have your electronics in a safe place, you will want to remove any potential power sources. You will want to start by removing any power cords with transformers (the small boxes on power cables). Remove batteries too, which can be found in many electronics like desktop computers, which have a small watch battery in them.

3. Taking Off The Covers And Outer Shells Of Electronics To Let Them Dry Out

The covers and casing of electronics can hold water and cause damage. You will want to remove any covers from electronics devices and set them aside to dry. The more open you can get the electronics, the more successful you will be at drying them out. Be careful doing this with TVs and computer monitors, because they contain parts with high voltage that can cause serious injury. It is best to remove the cover and not mess with the electronics in the items.

4. Cleaning Up Electronics To Restore Them Back To New And Prevent Water Damage

Cleaning the electronics is the last step in restoration. You will want to remove any parts that can be easily removed. If they are dirty, use an alcohol solution to clean them gently. Once you have all the parts cleaned, put them on a shelf in a well-ventilated room. Let the parts completely dry before attempting to put them back together.

Hopefully, you have insurance coverage for some of your electronics, but it may not cover everything. These are some tips to help you save the electronics that are not covered by insurance policies. If you need help with cleaning up and restoring your home, contact a water damage restoration service to save your property from rising waters. To learn more, contact a company like Arkansas Restoration Services Inc