Remodeling Your Modern Home? Unique Hand Railing Options That Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

If you are remodeling your modern style home and struggling with the decision of which hand railing you should choose for your interior staircase, then you have come to the right place! 

There is a wide variety of different options for hand railings that will match your modern architecture. Some options will create a new focal point in your home, and others are very understated and allow your stairway to blend into its surroundings like it isn't even there.

Here are some options for modern home hand railings you should consider for your remodeling project:

Recessed Hand Railing

The sleek and clean lines of your modern home make a recessed hand railing an ideal option for your staircase. For an upscale look, the recessed railing can be encased in either wood or metal. For a more invisible look, the railing can be contained in regular drywall. An added bonus of installing a recessed hand railing is that it will allow your stairs to be wider than they would be with the railing intruding into the space.

Curved Matte Metal Hand Railing

Modern style homes can accommodate much more stylistic and curved decor than other styles of homes. A curved sculptural hand railing makes a nice focus point for a centrally located staircase in a modern home. A matte finish gives the railing an understated and natural look. For added focus, you can use a railing made of copper or brushed brass. 

Geometric Design Wooden Hand Railing

If your home's staircase juts out into your living space, a geometric pattern wooden hand railing can add an interesting design choice. For an understated look, use

  • few sections of wood in the design
  • thinner pieces of wood
  • a simple design

To further fade the stair railing into the background of your room, you can paint it to match the walls of the room.

If you prefer the stairway to be a focal point for your room, then you should choose a design that uses

  • many sections of wood in the design
  • larger pieces of wood
  • a complicated design

In addition, the wood can be stained or painted a dark color to add additional focus.


By selecting a hard railing that matches your modern home's architectural style, your remodeling project can add a unique aspect to your home that can either stand out or fade into the background. If you are interested in further exploring your options for hand railing, then you should contact a building contractor in your local city. For more information, contact a company like Weld Pro.