Four Tips To Help With Restoring Roofing And Windows On Historic Homes

If you have an historic home, there are a lot of things to consider when doing repairs and renovations. You may not want to do things like completely replace a roof or the windows in your home.  Even though you do not replace these things, you may still want to make them energy efficient and beneficial to your home.

If you need to repair or restore roofing and windows on your historic home, here are four tips that will help you bring them up to modern standards:

1. Repairing Wood And Adding Insulation To Old Wood Windows

In an historic home, windows are usually made of wood. Over time, wood can rot and cause problems. These windows may also be lacking insulation. The window can be removed and all the woodwork repaired on it. Before a restored window is put back into place insulation and moisture barriers can be added to help protect from future wood damage.

2. Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Windows Without Replacement

Old windows are usually single-pane glass, which have poor efficiency. There are several options to improve the energy efficiency of your windows when you have them restored. You can replace the glass in the windows to improve them. If there is custom glass, you may not want to have it replaced. Another alternative is to have window film installed on the glass to improve its energy efficiency without replacing it.

3. Simple Repairs To Custom Roofing Materials

Many types of roofing materials on historic homes made need simple repairs. Some materials, such as metal and stone may just need to be refinished or cleaned. It may also need to have small repairs like loose tiles put back into place and damage tiles replaced. Shake and slate materials can also be cleaned to remove dirt and make them look like new if the roofing is still in fair condition.

4. Restoring Old Slate Roofing Without Replacing It

If the slate roofing on your home is old, it may be deteriorating and need restoration. Sometimes, slate roofs can be restored without replacing the entire roof. A contractor that specializes in the restorations will remove damaged tiles, clean the roof and replace any missing or damaged tiles to restore the roof to its original condition. This is a good option if the slate material on your roof is difficult to find for roof replacement.

These are some things that can help you with the repairs and restoration of roofing and windows on an historic home. If you need help restoring your windows, contact a professional window repair contractor to get the help you need restoring the windows in your home. To learn more, contact a company like Legacy Restoration & Construction LLC with any questions you have.