Critical First Steps To Prevent Property Damage After A Flood

If your home has been struck by a natural disaster, or if you are dealing with a water heater or dishwasher leak, then it's important to do what you can to prevent property damage to your home. By following these critical first steps after the incident, you can help protect your belongings from excessive damage. Although you will probably need to hire a water removal company to come out and truly take care of the problem, following these tips will help in the meantime.

Remove as Much Water as Possible

First and foremost, you should remove as much water as possible on your own. Mopping up hard floors or using towels and newspapers to blot up wet carpeting can help. Also, make sure that you wipe off as much water as possible from wooden furniture to prevent water spots. If you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you can use it to get up even more of the water.

Protect Furniture Legs

Wooden furniture legs can become stained, rotted or otherwise damaged if they aren't protected. Metal furniture legs, on the other hand, can be come rusty. Use aluminum foil or plastic bags to protect the legs from damage. Another option is to use wooden blocks to elevate the legs off of the floor until the water can be removed.

Hang Up Cloth Items

The faster that you can get cloth and upholstery dry, the better. Hang up rugs, curtains and other fabrics in a dry place to help prevent mildew. If possible, hang them up outdoors; the fresh breeze will help get rid of any mildew smell, and the breeze and sun can accelerate drying.

Remove Pictures and Art from the Room

Even if you think that your pictures and art are safe on the walls of your home, remove them from the room as quickly as possible. Even if they aren't physically getting wet, the moisture in the room can cause colors to run, mildew and other damage.

Get Air Circulating

If possible, turn on fans and your air conditioners to accelerate drying. It can also be a good idea to open up the windows if the weather conditions allow.

Flooding can cause immense damage to many of the things in your home. Luckily, following these tips immediately, and then hiring a water removal company, like Southwest Restoration Inc, can help you overcome this bad situation with minimal damage to the things that are important to you.