Want Your Bathroom To Look And Feel Like A Spa? Try These Six Tips

If you've ever returned from a trip to the spa to feel your old bathroom felt a little blah and run down by comparison, don't despair. You can renovate your bathroom to give it that spa feel too, if you follow these six tips. And the good news is you can recoup much of the cost of your restoration, whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or use the equity in it to refinance or get a loan.

Start with Neutral, Soothing Colors

One thing most spas have in common is a neutral color palette that's easy on the eyes and soothing on the psyche. Get rid of any bright or dark colors, and opt instead for serene shades of sand, sage, and washed ocean-y blues and greens.

Add Heated Elements

Have you ever noticed how comfortable you feel at a spa? One reason for that is because you never feel a chill there. You can accomplish the same thing at home by adding heated elements to your bathroom, including radiant heat flooring, heated towel bars, and overhead heat lamps.

Get Rid of Clutter

There's nothing less serene than a vanity top full of stuff. Go through your bathroom contents ruthlessly, and toss anything you don't really need or use regularly. Next, find out-of-sight storage for the rest, whether that means reorganizing your existing cabinets, moving items to another area (like a closet in the hall), or bringing in additional freestanding storage.

Refurbish Your Shower

Your shower probably takes up a large portion of your bathroom space, and when it looks messy, it's as distracting as all the junk on your countertop. First, get rid of excess clutter, as above. Try a hanging shower caddy for essentials, and put the rest somewhere else.

If your tile or shower surround are in good condition and in a neutral hue, consider putting your money into a top-of-the-line shower door, rather than replacing the entire unit. A frameless glass shower door (such as those offered by Rex Glass & Mirror Co., Inc.) will give your bathroom a true spa look and has many benefits as well:

  • offers a smooth surface with nothing to distract the eye
  • makes your bathroom appear much larger
  • is easier to keep clean than a shower curtain or sliding doors
  • can be purchased online
  • can be custom sized even for peculiar shower spaces, along with custom corrosion-resistant hardware

Incorporate Water Therapy

While you may be able to retain your existing shower tile or surround, you'll likely need to replace your shower head to get a true spa experience. This is another place where it pays to spend a little more with a high-end rainfall shower head, multiple heads, or even side jets (if you're doing a major shower renovation).

Include Elements of Nature

Every spa includes elements of nature as part of its therapeutic environment. Try adding rocks or natural stone in one area, even if it's just a small sculpture, and a bit of green through some plants that thrive in bathrooms. Aromatherapy is another nice touch, whether through candles, scented soaps, or incense.

You don't have to spend a ton of money to create a spa-like feel in your home bath. The key is to keep lines clean and create as much open space as possible. Once you do that, your spa may just start phoning asking why they haven't seen you for a while!